Sunday, 26 September 2010

Retreat Christmas Class

The time has come for me to show you my final retreat class, I bet you feel like you have been there!!!! Hopefully Jill will do it all again next year and you can come and join in.

My last class was a quick and easy Christmas class, we made a little accordion wallet and a selection of Christmas cards.

I have used half a "Christmas Jingle" set from SU, I can't believe how much you can do with one of these kits! They are like magic, they go on and on and on!

Here are the six cards that we made, there was loads left for more and hopefully my ladies made some when they got home too.

Just to let you know that Gramps is doing okay, no change really, although he has had a fall in hospital (ANGRY ICON) I fully understand he can't be watched 100% of the time and I fully understand that the staff are rushed off their feet but it is still frustrating that this can happen!

I'll be back tomorrow with something a little different............


  1. Hi Zoe
    love your cards & wallet. Sorry to hear about Gramps fall, I hope they are going to keep a better eye on him now, a fall at his age (bless him) is the last thing he needs.
    Sandra (craftynan)

  2. This was a great class, though my migraine would not let me complete it :( Hope Gramps is ok, and sadly yes the staff cannot watch him 100% of the time :(

  3. I so wish I'd had the time to do your classes too :)
    Love the reindeer stamp.
    Next year, same time, same place perhaps?

  4. Ps. Hope Gramps didnt hurt himself when he fell!

  5. Thanks for another fabby class Zoe - I got the wallet made but haven't had time to finish my cards yet - they will go on my blog when I do.

    Fab idea and I am going to make a birthday version to give to a friend who can't get out to buy cards.

    Sorry to hear about your gramp's fall and hope he is alright.

  6. Great idea im liking these x
    poor gramps think you might have to chain him to the bed x
    hope he gets out soon
    Suzie qx

  7. Me again ;). So sorry to hear that Gramps has had a fall Zoe, I hope they look after him a LOT better than they have done so far! Keep thinking of him...and you too!
    Love this lush set of cards, especially the one with the reindeer on, beautiful! I don;t remember seeing this set at the retreat :(, would love to have had a go at making them.

    catch you soon Missus ;)
    Warmest wishes

  8. hese cards and the wallet look great Zoe, I love that reindeer. Is it a stamp or on the paper. Wish I had time to do your classes at the retreat too.

    Hope Gramps is now improving. xxx


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