Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Cardinal Colour Retreat

I thought I would share a few pics of the retreat, this is the hotel that we stayed in: doesn't it look regal......this is the view from outside the front: this is the entrance,
and this is the lift, how cool is that? Although it did catch my false nails on a couple of occasions......lol
this is my friend, Simon the seagull, he lived outside my window.
this is the one and only "Lovely Lorna"
and here is a selection of my new crafty buddies......
As you can see it was a FABULOUS location, filled with FABULOUS people! We certainly had a blast. I had a few more pics of my new buddies but feel I would have been disowned if I had posted them!!!!
I will be popping back over the next few days to share with you my seaside name badge, make and take and classes.
See you soon xxx


  1. Hi Mrs! So lovely to meet you, too, and your classes were fab! Love that photo of me with Jan and T. Can I 'borrow' it?
    Sue x

  2. woohoo Zoe! Fab photos!!! Didn't we have a lovely time? It was really lovely to see you again. XXX

  3. Zoe great to meet you and love the photos on your blog.
    Now a follower of your blog too :)xxx

  4. Great piccies - love the bottom one - what on earth is Tara doing LOL!!!

  5. Grab away Sue, if you would like me to email it over then just drop me a line. Z xxx

  6. Fab photo's Zoe :)
    Have blogged your special dinner for tomorrow!

  7. Wow that place does look very regal and pictures show you had a great time x

  8. Hello You ;)....was a truly fab weekend and was great to meet you Zoe, I haven't laughed so much in ages! Love the pics......and yep, some pics prob should stay hidden lol ;).catch up with you soon girly..xx
    Sprouts Rock! xx

  9. OMG OMG OMG can't believe you put up the one of me with Sue and Jan!!! What on earth was I thinking???? LOL well theydon't call me THE MAD IRISH WOMAN for nu'thin!!!! LOL


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